It is important for you to read our policies prior to booking your party. The following are our main policies that should be noted upon booking. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to one of our party coordinator specialists before booking and we will be happy to assist you. 786-796-5723. 


Little Princess Spa Mobile Fairy is ONLY ALLOWED IN HOUSES INSIDE OR OUTSIDE, ALLOWED IN PARKS (please check if the park will allow entry before booking) and EVENT VENUES. We do not go to apartments or any venue that requires elevators, or flight of stairs. Please be advised that your balance due will still have to be paid if we are refused entry into any property. If you live in an apartment that requires an elevator to get to your place of set up (we do not use staircases), there is an $80 fee for the set up due to the additional time and effort required for set up (carrying all necessary equipments). Additionally, if the setup location is more than 300 yards from where we can park the van to unload, there is an $80 distance fee for distances over 301 yards (903 feet), provided there are no staircases or elevators involved. Distances up to 300 yards are included in your party package setup no extra charge.


Little Princess Spa Mobile fairy backdrop is a 360* backdrop. It has beautiful images on the front, back and sides. Our customer MUST HAVE SPACE of 7 FEET IN HEIGHT MINIMUM and 10 FEET IN WIDTH MINIMUM. The more space you have the better it is. Our backdrop has to be placed on a stable floor, NO GRASS, WATER, PUDDLES OR ROCKS.

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT OUR STAFF DOES NOT REARRANGE FURNITURE TO ACCOMMODATE SPACE FOR THE BACKDROP, THIS IS THE CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY. Our staff is instructed NOT to move any furniture belonging to the customer. PLEASE LEAVE THE AREA CLEARED FOR A SMOOTH ENTRY AND EXIT. If this is not done prior to our arrival, LPSMF and its staff are not responsible for extending the party time if moving furniture cuts into your party’s timeslot. 


Little Princess Spa Mobile fairy will arrive in our Mobile Fairy Van. Please be advised that the van needs to be parked to be able to unload and load IN FRONT (most practical area) of the house, park or event venue. Please note that we will not park anywhere that can result in danger to a person, property and our equipment, including tow-away zones or garage entrances under 10’.


All outdoor parties must follow this rule: If there is a chance of rain, lightning, and/or high-speed winds, we WILL have to move the party into a covered area. It is up to the MOBILE FAIRY SUPERVISOR’S DISCRETION when the weather conditions require a party to be moved. The covered area must be provided by the customer. If the customer does not provide our staff with a covered area to start, continue, or complete the party, we hold the right to STOP the party and the balance due will still have to be paid. If you are planning an outdoor only party and the weather forecast indicates a chance of rain, it is advised that you change your location to avoid cancellation; we need AT LEAST a 72-hour notice from the day of your party to plan our route. If there is a rain forecast, we will allow rescheduling to a new date with 72-hr notice.  ONLY in cases that severe weather warnings have been issued, such as hurricane or tornado warnings, will we reschedule your party with less than 48-hr notice. Important:  If we show up to your party, it begins to rain, and there is not a covered area provided for us to continue, we will need to cease the services and the party, and you will be responsible for paying your complete outstanding balance. Please plan ahead and be prepared! Once you book your party/ event balance due must be paid rain or shine. NO EXCEPTIONS


Little Princess Spa requires a 50% down payment to book the day and time you want; this is NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON- TRANSFERABLE. The outstanding balance, plus a minimum of 18% gratuity will be due at the end of the party. A CONVINIENCE CHARGE of 5% will be added and charged to your total bill. This convenience charge is a standard fee that we add to all events. It’s used to ensure that our team can provide you with exceptional experience from start to finish. It covers the costs of providing exceptional service and amenities to ensure your event runs smoothly and successfully. This includes dedicated event coordination and management / professional staff, and event assistants / Use of our tables, chairs, linens, backdrop and decorations / cleaning and maintenance of your event before, during, and after. Think of it like a concierge service for your event – we take care of all the details so you can focus on enjoying your special occasion. Please make sure that the credit card you use for the deposit and balance due is under the name of the person that booked the party; we will check the picture ID and credit card on the day of the party. We do not change the day and time of the party unless in case of an EMERGENCY with a written doctor’s notice, we must be given notice ASAP. Please communicate with us at 786-796-5723. Important: If we show up to the party location the day of the party/event because we were not informed of an emergency taking place, your outstanding balance will be due for full payment, to cover all the expenses associated with displacement, staff, and supplies.  Once you booked a party package you are not allowed to downgrade your party to a lower tier package, however, you may upgrade to a higher package.


Little Princess Spa Mobile Fairy is not liable for any damage caused in any property we enter (house, event venue, park inside or outside). Any damage that is caused to the floors, walls, structures, painting, furniture, chandeliers or any other damages that has not been listed here.


Little Princess Spa Mobile Fairy Miami-Dade primary services area include Miami-Dade and surrounding areas.


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