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PLEASE NOTE: VENDOR ADD-ONS require confirmation. We need to confirm the availability of vendor service for the day and time of your party. They will call you to confirm if they are available. They will confirm all other details and assistance you may need. By booking vendors does not guarantee they are available

DISCLAIMER: Little Princess Spa Mobile Fairy holds the right to cancel and/ or remove vendor services due to any unforeseen emergency that our vendors may run into even at the last minute.  will not be held accountable for any unforeseen emergency situations that any vendor arises. We will then remove the vendor charge from your invoice if it was an ADD ON. Or if the vendor was already included in your Party/Spa Package the contracted price between the vendor and the Little Princess Spa will be discounted from your invoice. Please be advised that the customer WILL NOT receive any additional reimbursement or discount on your invoice total and/ or balance for a vendor that does not show up due to any unforeseen emergency or is late. By booking a vendor with Little Princes Spa Mobile Fairy you understand that we will NOT be held accountable for any unforeseen emergencies or any issues or damages that our third-party vendors may cause

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